Monday, June 6, 2011

Oracle Support knowledge articles

Recent reviews of bugs with latest numbers showed that there are not
only bugs that already taken to work on but also lots of other created
problems/issues/questions that sometimes just related to wrong syntax,
misunderstanding of commands or can be duplication of already logged

Considering all that, I decided to do review of Knowledge Articles
sent in Hot Topics e-mail since it has already confirmed and logged bugs
as well as other interesting notes about configuration and problems
for selected (by choice in e-mail setup) products.

Saturday and Sunday e-mails returned not a long list of KB articles
(due to weekend I assume):

it looks familiar and one of database was recently hit by this change of behaviour
in database upgraded from

there are steps how to set/unset diagwait but it is until where
architecture changed and there is no need to set it anymore.

This is a useful document that not only recommends to check logs and alerts status in Grid
Control but to go through state of repository jobs and execute repvfy utility

Have a good day!

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