Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MOS KB articles for June 08, 2011

Everyday Hot Topics e-mail did not bring any news on my service
request created about why public synonym created on non-existed
object in non-existed schema (11.2) is always in valid status
(even recompilation runs without errors), but there are several
articles in the e-mail that I think are worth to have a look at:

OCR / Vote disk Maintenance Operations: (ADD/REMOVE/REPLACE/MOVE) [ID 428681.1]
The note covers releases 10.2 to 11.2

Configure RMAN to purge archivelogs after applied on standby [ID 728053.1]

Master Note for Grid Control Installation and Upgrade [ID 1067438.1]

ADR Different Methods to Create IPS Package [ID 738732.1]
There are examples how to create a package, add files to it, finalize and create it.
These days I am working on SR related to corruption of standby database
and using IPS ... commands to manage packages before uploading to support site.
Syntax of commands is clear enough, although could not add several incidents
to a package in one command or might it is not possible at all.

Have a good day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MOS KB articles for June 07, 2011

From several articles that came on June 07, 2011 I chose these to have a look at:
Troubleshooting when srvctl can't start RAC instance, but sqlplus can start it [ID 844272.1]

Unable to Manage the Manually Configured Listener with Oracle Restart [ID 987825.1]
it is the problem of standalone GI, not

Things to Consider Before Upgrade to Database Performance [ID 1320966.1]
it contains references to 5 notes for recommended fixes not included to PSU:
NOTE:10259620.8 - Bug 10259620 - Wrong results with DESC indexes
and OR expansion
NOTE:9776940.8 - Bug 9776940 - Wrong results from projection pruning / ORA-600
[qkeUnreferenceExpr_2] parsing SQL with expressions
NOTE:11719151.8 - Bug 11719151 - SQL Plan Management capture causes slowness
NOTE:9842771.8 - Bug 9842771 - Wrong SREADTIM and MREADTIM
statistics in AUX_STATS$
NOTE:10336129.8 - Bug 10336129 - Solaris: Poor IO performance
on Veritas for 11.2 compared to 10.2

I believe it is always worth to review patches that already came even on top
of PSU for release you are going to upgrade to, especially if fixes related
to wrong results of queries.

Mount Options for Oracle files when used with NAS devices [ID 359515.1]
it is very often needed document to compare NFS mount options with certified parameters.

Have a good day!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oracle Support knowledge articles

Recent reviews of bugs with latest numbers showed that there are not
only bugs that already taken to work on but also lots of other created
problems/issues/questions that sometimes just related to wrong syntax,
misunderstanding of commands or can be duplication of already logged

Considering all that, I decided to do review of Knowledge Articles
sent in Hot Topics e-mail since it has already confirmed and logged bugs
as well as other interesting notes about configuration and problems
for selected (by choice in e-mail setup) products.

Saturday and Sunday e-mails returned not a long list of KB articles
(due to weekend I assume):

it looks familiar and one of database was recently hit by this change of behaviour
in database upgraded from

there are steps how to set/unset diagwait but it is until where
architecture changed and there is no need to set it anymore.

This is a useful document that not only recommends to check logs and alerts status in Grid
Control but to go through state of repository jobs and execute repvfy utility

Have a good day!

Friday, June 3, 2011

MOS Bugs for June 02, 2011

Some of recently created MOS bugs

Bug IDProductDescriptionTypeVersionPlatform
12616206Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionMRP KILLS RFS ITERATIVELLY AND CANNOT RESOLVE ARCHIVE GAPDefect11.2.0.2Linux x86-64
12615371Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionROWS LOST IN ARRAY UPDATE IF UPDATE CURSOR IS INVALIDATEDDefect11.2.0.1Linux x86-64
12614895Enterprise Manager Grid Control11G OMS NOTIFICATION ISSUE - SUBSCRIPT BEYOND COUNTDefect11.1.0.1Linux x86-64
12589039Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionORA-600 [17147] DATABASE CRASHDefect11.2.0.1IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit)
12586106Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionORA-600 [3020]Defect11.2.0.2Linux x86-64

Have a good day!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

MOS Bugs for June 01, 2011

Along with everyday list of bugs reference to one of insteresting notes came today
in Hot Topics e-mail
RACcheck - RAC Configuration Audit Tool

It states that tool supports Oracle Enteprise Edition from to
for Linux 32 and 64-bit, AIX and SPARC Solaris. No support for Solaris x86 and Linux
Itanium yet.

It would be interesting to see script reaction for execution on Standard Edition
and how information about new PSU, CPU will be propogated to the script.

5 MOS Bugs for June 01, 2011:

Bug IDProductDescriptionTypeVersionPlatform
12612118Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionORA-07445 [QSMQBTSS_BUILD_TABLE_INLINEVIEW_SUBORDSETS()+272] ALTER MVIEW COMPILDefect11.2.0.2Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
12612086Enterprise Manager Grid ControlUPLOAD ERROR AND HIGH CPU DBCONSOLE ON WINDOWS 64 BITDefect10.2.0.5Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) 2008 R2
12605971Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionORA-7445 [KGL*] ISSUES AND ORA-7445 [KGHFRX()+28] REPORTEDDefect11. Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
12583987Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionAPPLY/ROLLBACK A ONLINE PATCH HAVE FAILEDDefect11.2.0.2Linux x86-64
12550995Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionHIGH VERSION_COUNT WITH PX_MISMATCH=Y IN RACDefect11.2.0.2IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit)

Have a good day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

role of _FIX_CONTROL

There is a note Init.ora Parameter "_FIX_CONTROL" [Hidden] Reference Note [ID 567171.1]
on My Oracle Support that not only explains the role of the hidden parameter but also
contains references to known bugs in different versions where
the parameter controls fixes.

A full list of bugs and their status (OFF or ON: column VALUE - 0 or 1)
for system and session level (for current session) can be found
but value in BUGNO is not the same as it mentioned in a note
where fix control change provided.

Let's say note
Bug 10160615 ORA-1461 from MERGE / UPDATE which sets a LOB column to a long BIND value
has workaround to change status for "_fix_control"=6990305
but search for bug 6990305 on MOS forwarded to another note
which has another fix control number.

Definitely periodic review of My Oracle Support knowledge base
should be one of the DBA routine tasks and to ease it I hope one day support
will come with RSS feature for bugs based on tags of the interest and product areas.

Have a good day!

MOS Bugs for May 31, 2011

I put some modifications to the table that represents information about
latest bugs caught from Hot Topics e-mail.

There are 5 bugs for May 31, 2011:

Bug IDProductDescriptionTypeVersionPlatform
12606936Enterprise Manager Grid ControlINCORRECTLY REPORTING CPU_COUNT=0Defect11. x86-64
12606721Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionIF APPLICATION VIP EXISTS, DBCA FAILS TO CREATE DB RESOURCE WITH CRS-2566Defect11. x86-64
12606637Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionSHUT ABORT AT RDBMS INSTANCE CAUSING ORA-15082 IN ASM INSTANCEDefect11.1.0.7Linux x86-64
12606110Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionORA-600[QCTCTE1] WHILE EXECUTING SQL FROM PROC PROGRAMDefect10.2.0.4Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
12606104Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionCHOPT RETURNS "CAN'T OPEN THE FDP OUTPUT FILE LINKORDERFILE"Defect11.2.0.2HP-UX Itanium

As always there are plenty of different insteresting to read articles in the Hot Topics
e-mail and one of them is a note about ACFS support

ACFS not supported on certain platforms [ID 1075058.1]
which tells that SUN, AIX, SuSE 10 only supported in but not HP-UX, SuSE11, RH6 yet

Have a good day!