Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MOS Bugs for May 31, 2011

I put some modifications to the table that represents information about
latest bugs caught from Hot Topics e-mail.

There are 5 bugs for May 31, 2011:

Bug IDProductDescriptionTypeVersionPlatform
12606936Enterprise Manager Grid ControlINCORRECTLY REPORTING CPU_COUNT=0Defect11. x86-64
12606721Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionIF APPLICATION VIP EXISTS, DBCA FAILS TO CREATE DB RESOURCE WITH CRS-2566Defect11. x86-64
12606637Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionSHUT ABORT AT RDBMS INSTANCE CAUSING ORA-15082 IN ASM INSTANCEDefect11.1.0.7Linux x86-64
12606110Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionORA-600[QCTCTE1] WHILE EXECUTING SQL FROM PROC PROGRAMDefect10.2.0.4Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
12606104Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionCHOPT RETURNS "CAN'T OPEN THE FDP OUTPUT FILE LINKORDERFILE"Defect11.2.0.2HP-UX Itanium

As always there are plenty of different insteresting to read articles in the Hot Topics
e-mail and one of them is a note about ACFS support

ACFS not supported on certain platforms [ID 1075058.1]
which tells that SUN, AIX, SuSE 10 only supported in but not HP-UX, SuSE11, RH6 yet

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