Thursday, June 2, 2011

MOS Bugs for June 01, 2011

Along with everyday list of bugs reference to one of insteresting notes came today
in Hot Topics e-mail
RACcheck - RAC Configuration Audit Tool

It states that tool supports Oracle Enteprise Edition from to
for Linux 32 and 64-bit, AIX and SPARC Solaris. No support for Solaris x86 and Linux
Itanium yet.

It would be interesting to see script reaction for execution on Standard Edition
and how information about new PSU, CPU will be propogated to the script.

5 MOS Bugs for June 01, 2011:

Bug IDProductDescriptionTypeVersionPlatform
12612118Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionORA-07445 [QSMQBTSS_BUILD_TABLE_INLINEVIEW_SUBORDSETS()+272] ALTER MVIEW COMPILDefect11.2.0.2Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
12612086Enterprise Manager Grid ControlUPLOAD ERROR AND HIGH CPU DBCONSOLE ON WINDOWS 64 BITDefect10.2.0.5Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) 2008 R2
12605971Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionORA-7445 [KGL*] ISSUES AND ORA-7445 [KGHFRX()+28] REPORTEDDefect11. Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
12583987Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionAPPLY/ROLLBACK A ONLINE PATCH HAVE FAILEDDefect11.2.0.2Linux x86-64
12550995Oracle Server - Enterprise EditionHIGH VERSION_COUNT WITH PX_MISMATCH=Y IN RACDefect11.2.0.2IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit)

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