Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MOS KB articles for July 20, 2011

During search in knowledge base on My Oracle Support site noticed
that now list of prompts appears based on typed letters, words.

It can be helpful despite results of search do not even have the same
phrase which were selected from suggested list.

Another observation - combination "ORA-" does not show any match,
might be because of too long list of similarities?

Today's Hot Topics e-mail got list of articles related to patchsets,
their avalability and known issues. For instance, note about
patchset Patch Set - Availability and Known Issues [ID 1179474.1]
(as well as other notes about patchsets) has a list of issues
introduced in the release and their Bug ID.
Although they are not fixed, information about problems can be helpful
especially in case of upgrades and patching.

And finally - July 2011 CPU patches came for oracle products yesterday.
Happy patching!

Have a good day!

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