Wednesday, April 8, 2009

silent installation of Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 5

The Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 5 for Linux x86-64 is out
on OTN and also there is patch available on Metalink

I already installed (full release) silently and wanted to upgrade
using the same way.

There are steps clearly described in documentation how to upgrade
existing version together with post-installation actions:
Installing Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 5 ( Using Existing Database

So I started:
./runInstaller -noconfig -silent \
-responseFile /opt/oracle/install/gc/10205/3731593/Disk1/response/patchset.rsp \
b_softwareonly=true s_sysPassword="sys24" \
ORACLE_HOME="/home/oracle/grid/oms10g" \

It went ok without errors and asked to execute at the end

After that following further configuration procedures
I set PERL5LIB and started upgrade of OMS repository:
export PERL5LIB=$ORACLE_HOME/perl/lib/5.6.1

$ORACLE_HOME/perl/bin/perl /home/oracle/grid/oms10g/sysman/install/ /home/oracle/grid

It bounced database to remove running jobs (even I did pre-installation steps
for it mentioned in Oracle Enterprise Manager
Grid Control ReadMe for Linux x86-64
10g Release 5

and finally executed RepManager with -action upgrade ... options
spooling output to $OMS_HOME/sysman/log/emrepmgr.log.

When the script had been finished I was able to start oms and it was
showing the newest verison.

Another step was an upgrade of the agent running version

The same installation can be used for agent upgrade but
with ORACLE_HOME related to agent home:
./runInstaller -noconfig -silent \
-responseFile /opt/oracle/install/gc/10205/3731593/Disk1/response/patchset.rsp \
b_softwareonly=true ORACLE_HOME="/home/oracle/grid/agent10g"

And that upgrade went smoothly asking to run at the end.

I started agent but it could not upload files due to errors in XML files.
So I completely cleaned files there, secured the agent and tried to start
it again but it failed with errors in emagent.trc

ERROR pingManager: Did not receive valid response to ping "ERROR-Agent is blocked. Blocked reason is: Agent is out-of-sync with repository. This most likely means that the agent was reinstalled or recovered. Please contact an EM administrator to unblock the agent by performing an agent resync from the console. Please contact EM adminstrator to unblock the agent"

There is one note on Metalink exactly related to the issue
and method to fix it is to run Synchronization from Grid Control Console

Upload Agent Failing With Error
"OMS Version Not Checked Yet" ,
After Upgrading Agent to

Submit of synchronization button failed with another error:

Agent Operation completed with errors.
For those targets that could not be saved, please go to the target's monitoring configuration page to save them. All other targets have been saved successfully. Agent has not been unblocked. Error saving target EnterpriseManager0.rac2.home_Web Cache:oracle_webcache - Skipping target {EnterpriseManager0.
rac2.home_Web Cache, oracle_webcache}: Missing properties - authpwd, authuser

I manually unblocked the agent in there and it started to upload files to OMS
without errors.

Have a good day!


EPS99 said...

Thanks for your post. After installing OMA on Linux using cloning I had the same issue.
After resync in the OEM GC console and "Upload Metric Data" OMA was able again to work as it should.

Eric v/d Spoel

goryunov said...

Glad to hear that!