Friday, April 10, 2009

LargeRepository option in EM Grid Control

If you have lots of targets, many jobs, getting plenty of alerts in
Enterprise Manager Grid Control you possibly already set
LargeRepository to true in
to speed up navigation of Console.

And of course you already downloaded and upgraded it to
which is available for Linux 64-bit as well.

The upgrade and configuration of repository would go well
but you get error 404 after login to Grid Control Console
404 Not Found
Resource /em/home.jsp/page/internalError not found on this server

There is note on Metalink that mentions that problem and
workaround is very simple and straightforward - set LargeRepository to false.

Known Issues during Upgrade

But does everybody want to change the parameter back to false?...
I hope it will be fixed soon.

Have a good day!

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goryunov said...

The patch is already available