Wednesday, November 5, 2008

orapwd and standby in 11g

I was trying to build standby for Oracle 11g database to test new
features of Data Guard and stuck with problem that archive logs had
not been transferred to standby side because of the following error:

Error 1017 received logging on to the standby
Check that the primary and standby are using a password file
and remote_login_passwordfile is set to SHARED or EXCLUSIVE,
and that the SYS password is same in the password files.
returning error ORA-16191

The password files have been created on both sides using orapwd:
orapwd file=orapwdb11 password=sys
and remote_login_passwordfile parameters were set to EXCLUSIVE.
And I was able to login as sysdba to remote sites using either TNS or
easy naming methods.

After different attempts I recreated password files with password
in upper-case (thinking about case sensitivity for password in 11g):
orapwd file=orapwdb11 password=SYS force=y
and it worked - primary started to send logs to standby.

Trying to find the reason of such behavior I recognized that there is
the parameter that responsible for password sensitivity in 11g -
I set it to FALSE, changed passwords to lower-case, bounced databases
and... the same problem as before :(

That meant the parameter does not influence on case sensitivity of
password during sysdba connection.

And only after that case I found out that there is a new parameter for
orapwd utility - ignorecase

Usage: orapwd file= password= entries= force= ignorecase= nosysdba=

file - name of password file (required),
password - password for SYS (optional),
entries - maximum number of distinct DBA (required),
force - whether to overwrite existing file (optional),
ignorecase - passwords are case-insensitive (optional),
nosysdba - whether to shut out the SYSDBA logon (optional Database Vault only).

I changed
recreated password file with lower-case characters and ignorecase=y,
bounced databases and everything went smoothly!

Have a good day!

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