Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Synchronize your bookmarks!

In our days it is important for DBA to have access to variety of
information that is provided by different sources over Internet -
forums, blogs, technical support sites etc.

All information of course can be downloaded to local PC
but definitely it is simpler to make a bookmark to have
a quick access to information.

I personally create links for Metalink notes,
for Oracle articles on OTN etc.
And until recently it was a problem for me to have these
links available and synchronized on
a quantity of computers that I use every day.

But now I am using Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
(works with Firefox 1.5-3.0) which helps me to save
bookmarks on any of computers and use them later
from any other one.

Try it and feel relief!

Have a good day!

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